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As a chiropractor employed by TVG-Medulla Physicians, LLC, a physician group, you’ll practice in one of the Chicagoland Chiro One Wellness Center chiropractic offices. Providing subluxation-based chiropractic care to your patients, you’ll fully utilize your skills as a clinician—not a marketing warrior, past-due account collector, IT technician, or plumber—like would be required of a self-employed chiropractor.

Besides your focus on patient care, you’ll be attending educational seminars on compliance, billing, and other topics, as well as collaborating with your colleagues. Other than occasional early Friday morning trainings, our physicians enjoy a four-day workweek (Monday-Thursday). And, as a clinic director, you’ll be compensated based upon your practice’s collected revenue with one of the industry’s leading compensation package.

If you’re not yet licensed as a chiropractor, but wish to connect with us about future career opportunities, networking events, and educational materials, text CHIRO to 63566 or complete this short form, click here.

Medulla is proud to stand behind

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BE Supported

With the full-scale support of Medulla LLC, Chiro One’s administrative support provider, you’ll concentrate exclusively on patient care. Medulla provides the sales and marketing for patients, as well as all services associated with billing and collection, compliance, human resources, information technology, property maintenance, accounting, and more.

Benefits of being supported by Medulla include, but aren't limited to:

Human Resources and Staffing. Feel confident with a staff you can count on and trust. Our full-time recruiting and human resources department is committed to finding, supporting and training our offices' chiropractic technicians and associate doctors of chiropractic.

Clinical Operations and Training. Strengthen your experience and expertise with a team of proven coaches, a clinical operations department and a full-scale training department all devoted to your success.

Marketing and Sales. Medulla's robust marketing, sales and public relations efforts generate a constant stream of new patients, increase public awareness about chiropractic care and offer ongoing community outreach wellness initiatives.

Billing and Insurance. Skip the headache of managing billing, collections and insurance claims. This fully staffed department also offers a patient advocate team to support you and your patients, ensuring our gold standard of patient care.

Finance and Accounting. Know that your offices finances are secured and audited with our accounting team onboard. Medulla handles all back office finance and accounting functions. We also guide you through key practice-related financial information critical to personal and professional goal setting and success.

Information Technology. Step away from hours of frustration at your computer while our IT team handles any technology issues. Our fully equipped IT team keeps you plugged in and ready with the latest hardware, software and training.


Facilities and Purchasing. Leave the heavy lifting and purchasing responsibilities up to our team. Our full-time crew handles property management, as well as all purchasing needs to keep your office clean, stocked, updated and operating safely and efficiently.


BE Prepared

All new doctors of chiropractic begin as residents-in-training. Once you've successfully completed your paid training, you'll be offered a position through TVG-Medulla. Along your career path you may have the opportunity to move from one role to another, based on your needs and the organization's needs.


New DCs in our paid doctor training program

Traveling Chiropractor

Trained DCs available to support offices within a defined market

Associate Chiropractor

Assistant to the Chiropractic Director

Chiropractic Director

Oversees the management and operations of a Chiro One Wellness Center

*Most residents-in-training move into a traveling or associate chiropractor role, however, depending on a variety of factors, you may be offered a chiropractic director role out of training.

Our Doctors' Alma Maters

Our DCs have attended some of the most prestigious chiropractic schools in the world.

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Be Successful

Our doctors earn an average salary significantly higher than industry averages. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to increase and control your compensation when you achieve performance-based metrics. Our expert resources support you every step of the way.

  Average D.C.
Our D.C.s  
Average D.C. Total Compensation $136,971 $220,588 61%
Average D.C. Salary $101,734 $185,337 82%
Patient Visit Average 30 44 47%
Average Patient Visits per Week 131 245 87%
Average New Patients per Week 7.4 12.1 64%

*Sources: Feeney, Caroline. "20th Annual Salary & Expense Survey." Chiropractic Economics, May 23, 2017.
Medulla LLC. Internally-sourced data, August 15, 2017. *Data reflects chiropractic directors.

Be Rewarded

As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to participate in our comprehensive benefits program. Benefits include:

  • Free chiropractic care for team members and members of their nuclear family
  • Several HMO, PPO and HSA health insurance plan options
  • 401K retirement program
  • Comprehensive dental and vision benefits
  • Disability and Life insurance options
  • Paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Free Sam's Club membership
  • Foot Levelers custom shoe orthotics
  • Retailer discounts

Company-wide learning events, including renowned keynote speakers and learning activities

  • Landmark Forum seminar reimbursement
  • Support with radiographer certification
  • CE Credits: Continuing education units, seminars and courses

Be the Difference in Someone's Story

Together, with the healthcare companies we manage, we are serving thousands of patients in the Chicagoland area. Join us as we continue to grow and expand in Illinois and beyond, and turn your dreams of success into reality. With Medulla by your side, you'll receive unprecedented support. From delivering a constant stream of new patients to your chiropractic office, to hiring and training your staff, to handling all demanding business management requirements, we can help you be the best chiropractic doctor you can be.

Each day, we deliver a world-class experience at every point of our patients' wellness journeys. Simply put, we do what we love to do—help people become healthier—and we're successful doing it. If you're passionate about patient service and your own success, come join our team.