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Our mission is simple. We’re here to provide the resources and support for a variety of Chicagoland-based healthcare brands. Our goal is to create the best environment for our people, to better serve patients and to surpass the highest expectations in performance. Through extraordinary and experienced professionals within a variety of different departments, we handle all of our clients’ administrative functions and help to increase efficiency, lower costs and eliminate time spent away from patient care. 

With our corporate location based outside of Chicago, TVG-Medulla, LLC ("Medulla") takes a wellness-focused approach to healthcare, delivering support and services through departments such as sales and marketing, human resources and staffing, clinical operations and training, billing and insurance, finance and accounting, IT and facilities and purchasing. Each fully-staffed department takes pride in providing the gold standard in healthcare management. Learn more about the brands we support and our chiropractic jobs in Chicago, IL.

Medulla is also a provider of a vast array of wellness-based careers, available across Chicagoland. We’re always looking for passionate and capable individuals seeking wellness careers to fulfill roles within a variety of different growing departments. Learn more about exciting roles at our corporate office, in the field as a customer engagement representative and in wellness centers as a doctor of chiropractic and chiropractic technician. 

In addition to our full-scale management departments and wide-range of employment opportunities, Medulla also offers critical wellness programs to communities, employers and organizations across Chicagoland. Corporate wellness programs have grown considerably in popularity over the past couple decades, and for good reason. Research shows that healthy employees are more productive, profitable and present, and employers who provide wellness-based education are reaping the benefits. Learn more about how you can enrich your community, workforce or customer-based offerings.

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