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What Our Spinal Screenings Can Do for You

Onsite health screenings are a simple, low-cost way to encourage employees and customers to take preventative measures toward greater health. Our interactive displays and friendly experts will provide a positive experience for your staff or customers. And the benefits for you? Increased loyalty, boosted morale, decreased absenteeism and more.

Spinal Screening Benefits:

  • Displays are interactive, exciting and self-contained, set up in your chosen area on location
  • Health screenings are non-invasive and informative
  • Our team is welcoming and friendly, creating a positive experience

What to Expect: Spinal Health Screening Example

From start to finish, we'll coordinate and manage your Spinal Health Screenings and deliver an informative and interesting screening for your audience.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • Work with our team to set up a Spinal Health Screening on the day of your choosing
  • We assist with the marketing of your event; this may include flyers, posters, email blasts, etc.
  • Day of, our team will arrive and set up in your designated space
  • Wellness experts will be onsite to share valuable health information
  • Our team will follow-up after the event for any feedback

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