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What Our Workshops Can Do for You

Our educational, Chiro One expert-led Wellness Workshops can increase the number of benefits you offer your employees or customers—added benefits boost morale, increase productivity, strengthen loyalty, decrease absenteeism and more.

Covering a variety of topics and filled with useful and unique wellness information, our customized workshops leave participants with action steps they can implement in their daily lives right away.

Frequently Requested Customizable Workshops

  • Workplace Injury Prevention: Find out how to avoid injury at your job, ways to counteract the effects of sedentary jobs and more
  • Stress & Your Health: Learn the signs and symptoms of stress, ways to decrease daily stress, how to relax and more
  • Fitness Made Simple: Discover tips for ways to incorporate movement into daily life, how to avoid injury and more
  • Creating a Wellness Lifestyle: Learn about chronic illness and how to infuse nutrition, fitness, stress relief and more into daily habits
  • Eat Well, Be Well: Hear about new ways to look at nutrition, a brand-new food pyramid, grocery tips and more
  • Sleep & Productivity: Uncover the signs of poor sleep quality, how to maximize sleep, best mattresses and pillows and more
  • Raising Happy, Healthy Kids: Learn how to improve nutrition, activity and sleep; avoid injury and manage childhood stress 
  • Women’s Health: Discover natural solutions to common health issues for women, tips for feeding the family, detoxing the home and more

What to Expect: Workshop Event Example

From start to finish, we'll coordinate and manage your Wellness Workshop, including marketing. With a little help from you with event promotion, we'll deliver an informative program and action steps your team can use to improve their health and wellness.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • You select the workshop topic that fits your audience
  • Our team sends you a review of the workshop topic and presentation
  • We assist with the marketing of your event; this may include flyers, posters, email blasts, etc.
  • We come onsite to execute the workshop
  • A wellness expert delivers the presentation, often including takeaways such as handouts and tip sheets
  • A call-to-action for audience members to put the information to use
  • Speaker is available for questions following the workshop
  • Our team will follow-up after the event for any feedback

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