Why Wellness Matters

In a competitive workplace and consumer-driven work, companies that invest in the health of their employees, customers and community members often land on “Best Places to Work” lists—and for good reason. Companies who invest in workplace wellness initiatives and corporate & employee wellness programs experience benefits such as:

  •   Lowered healthcare costs  
  •   Reduction in absenteeism  
  •   Higher employee productivity  
  •   Boosted employee morale  

What We Offer

As a leader in health and wellness for the Chicagoland area, TVG-Medulla, LLC ("Medulla") is proud to offer a wide-range of complimentary workplace health and wellness programs for companies, corporations and communities. These customizable corporate & employee wellness programs can be set up for employees, customers and community members:


Onsite workshops (topics vary)


Health and wellness screenings


Health fairs and expos


Staff and customer appreciation events


Wellness-based education is our area of expertise. We’ll work with you to set up an onsite Wellness Workshop, led by a wellness educator, in a topic of your choosing. Popular workshop options include workplace ergonomics, stress management, fitness, nutrition, sleep, wellness-based lifestyle and more.

Organized by Medulla, our Chiro One-supported Spinal Health Screenings are an excellent way to offer additional value to your employees, customers or community members. Participants receive a beneficial onsite health screening and learn ways they can improve their health and quality of life.

Work with Medulla to create a Health and Wellness Fair or Expo in your community. Our experts at Medulla will work with you to organize and execute a successful event for organizations of any size. Common health fair selections include activities, booths, screenings, vendors and more.

Recognize your staff and/or customer base by providing an onsite appreciation day through our complimentary services. Our team will come to you and set up an event tailored to the needs of your employees or customers. These appreciation days often include additional wellness vendors and partners.

How We Work with You

Many of our programs also include marketing to help reach your target audience. This could include flyers, email blasts and more. Through our complimentary and customizable programs, including onsite resources and events, we guarantee results you can count on. Reliable and reputable, we prioritize customer satisfaction.

“Employers are recognizing that there is considerable value to a healthier workforce beyond the value of lower medical costs. VOI (Value of Investment)-focused organizations embrace a wider set of metrics that include: absenteeism, worker morale, employee turnover, presenteeism costs, workers compensation, short- and long-term disability, employee loyalty and tenure.”

– Willis Group


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