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If you’re not looking to retire or sell your practice and you’d like to increase your profits and growth, partner with our group of growing Chiro One Wellness Center offices.

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We have a highly successful chiropractic model that allows the chiropractor to focus almost entirely on patient care, growing a patient base and ongoing education and mentorship. We have the best support team in the chiropractic industry for marketing and sales, billing and collections, clinical operations and training, finance and accounting, property maintenance, information technology and more.

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Benefits of being supported by TVG-Medulla, LLC ("Medulla") include, but aren't limited to:

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Marketing and Sales

Rely upon Medulla's robust marketing, sales and public relations efforts to not only spread the word of chiropractic but also drive a reliable flow of new patients to the practice. Medulla pursues a multi-faceted approach, which includes targeted online behavioral advertising, sponsorship of events aimed at increasing internal referrals, and direct engagement with the public through employer health fairs, community wellness initiatives and retail spinal screenings.

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Billing and Insurance

Skip the headache of verifying patient insurance coverage, preparing claim forms, responding to appeals and collecting your accounts receivable. Medulla’s Revenue Cycle Department handles all that for the practice. In addition, Medulla has a patient advocacy team to promptly handle patient issues ranging from billing disputes to negative online reviews, ensuring the practice maintains a solid reputation for providing the highest level of patient care.

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Human Resources and Staffing

Feel confident with a dedicated recruiting staff whose sole purpose is to keep the practice adequately staffed with qualified team members. Behind the scenes, however, are seasoned human resources professionals who assist when you need it most—during a sudden employee issue affecting the practice. These HR partners respond promptly to performance management matters, payroll and benefits issues, disability accommodations, requests for medical leave, worker’s compensation claims, health and safety concerns and more. Most importantly, they routinely provide advice on how to handle a difficult employee conversation or assist in documenting a personnel file when necessary.

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Clinical Operations and Training

Strengthen your expertise and your practice with a team of proven practice coaches who consult with you and your staff on best practices. They listen, allowing you to discuss what’s working and what’s not. They assess and collaborate, discussing where your practice is thriving and where you can realistically improve. And they execute, working with you to implement manageable changes over time. In addition to coaching and practice optimization, Medulla’s Clinical Operations Department handles monitoring compliance initiatives, training new and existing team members, updating practice forms and procedures, implementing new technology, arranging for temporary replacement staffing and much more.

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Finance and Accounting

Know that your office’s financial metrics are reported promptly and monitored closely. Medulla’s Accounting Department handles all back-office finance and accounting functions, such as financial statement preparation, sales tax filings and bill payment. We also guide you through key practice-related financial information critical to personal and professional goal-setting and success.

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Facilities and Purchasing

Take off the multiple hats you wear as plumber, locksmith, electrician, carpet cleaner and so many other roles. Medulla’s Facilities Department has a ticketing system for you to request property services, as well as a dedicated field staff who responds promptly to your needs. Assistance is also available by telephone for emergencies such as roof leaks, power outages, HVAC malfunctions, floods and door locking issues. Medulla also has a Purchasing Department specifically for clinics, offering automated ordering for supplies to keep your office stocked, updated and operating safely and efficiently.

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Information Technology

Step away from the frustration of technology issues and submit a service request to Medulla’s IT Department instead! Medulla’s IT team is highly experienced not only in resolving basic computer, telephone and internet issues, but also the nuances of the medical equipment in the practice, such as x-rays, neuromuscular testing equipment and certain electronic health record software. Like Medulla’s Facilities Department, the IT Department stays available during clinic hours to provide the highest level of support, keeping you concentrated on your patients, not your clinic.

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