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The Basics of Chiropractic Practice Acquisition Two-minute watch

Intrigued by the idea of selling your chiropractic practice? We’ve put together a quick video with our acquisition expert, Ken Johns, who walks you through the basics of practice acquisition, including what makes you a good candidate, how selling benefits you and some frequently asked questions like, “Can I stay in my practice?”

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Q: May I continue to work if I sell my practice?

Absolutely. You would be hired as an employee, subject to an employment agreement. As the practice continues to grow, there may be an opportunity for you to mentor an associate that we would add to your practice.

Q: Will my staff remain employed?

Typically, your staff will remain employed following an acquisition of the practice. The possible exception to that is any staff member who is not directly involved in patient care, as the “back office” functions will be handled post-acquisition by TVG-Medulla, LLC.

Q: May I still refer to the providers and specialists with whom I have existing relationships?

Yes. Patient care is our highest priority and maintaining professional relationships is strongly encouraged. As part of a larger organization, there will be new internal resources available to you as well.

Q: Will you brand my practice as a “Chiro One” office?

Yes. Being part of our recognizable brand is a key aspect of our partnership.

Q: Will the company tell me how to practice chiropractic?

No. Our chiropractic physicians have clinical control over patient care and treatment—this is an important part of our model. We do, however, expect each chiropractor to follow our high standard of care.

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