Practice Acquisitions

Rest assured that the practice you built and the patients you care for will be in good hands with Chiro One Wellness Centers.

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Whether you’re looking to stay in practice and create a retirement strategy for a period of time or you’re simply ready to sell your practice and move on, we can help you do this with confidence.

By partnering with Chiro One Wellness Centers, you may have the option to continue to practice while we optimize your practice’s marketing, operations and profitability.

Alternatively, you’ll have the option to discuss with us a plan for an immediate exit strategy. Regardless, our experts will guide you through a quick purchase acquisition of your single or multi-site practice and collaborate with you to create a seamless transition that ensures your practice and your patients will not just be taken care of, but will thrive.

By choosing our low-risk practice acquisition, you’ll enjoy:

Increased income potential

More work-life balance

Diminished responsibilities and stress

Acquisition Timeline

Below is an approximate timeline for the acquisition process.

Phase 1

Preliminary Phase

Initial Call

Meet with Dr. Ken Johns to discuss your practice, goals and reasons for selling.

Confidentiality Agreements

At this point we will establish mutual confidentiality. You will then share your practice’s financial information.

Preliminary Due Diligence

We’ll delve into the financial side, guide you through our brand and model, and explain more about the acquisition process.

Letter of Intent

This important document verifies our mutual interest in moving forward with the sale of your practice. This also includes preliminary details, as well as selling price.

Phase 2

Due Diligence and Documentation Phase

Final Due Diligence

Discuss the full scope of the integration process, reviewing procedures and protocols.

Final Terms

All pertinent legal documents and paperwork will be finalized. If you choose, you will remain an integral part of the practice, subject to an employment agreement.

Deal Closing

At this final stage you’ll receive payment for your practice and we’ll begin integration.

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