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TVG-Medulla, LLC ("Medulla") is a wellness-focused healthcare management organization providing incomparable support and services to more than 40 Chiro One Wellness Center locations. In addition to our full-scale management departments and a wide-range of Medulla career opportunities, Medulla also offers engaging wellness programs and education services to communities, employers and organizations across Chicagoland.

Our Brand: A Leader in Chiropractic Care

Chiro One Wellness Centers

Chiro One Wellness Centers

Chiro One Wellness Centers offers affordable chiropractic services and therapies at more than 40 locations in the Chicagoland area, serving over 25,000 patients each year. Focused on chiropractic care, each office is staffed with one or more highly skilled doctor of chiropractic and a support team. Going beyond chiropractic adjustments and therapies, Chiro One offices also offer ongoing health and wellness education, a variety of medical braces for low back, knees, wrists and more, custom orthotics, and personal injury and worker’s compensation support. Visit Chiro One's website to learn more about the clinics, chiropractic and other wellness-based services.

Medulla's Wellness Programs

It's our mission to lead our patients to a life of optimum health and wellness through education and service. We fulfill this mission, in part, by providing a robust range of wellness programs available to communities, businesses, individuals and more. Effective and beneficial, our wellness programs are supported by our top doctors and chiropractic educators. We have an entire team devoted to coordinating and executing each program we offer. Learn more about our wellness programs.

Employment Opportunities at Medulla

At Medulla, there are many opportunities to fulfill your career goals. From a corporate professional looking to work within a specific career field; an entry-level individual seeking a job in healthcare; a doctor of chiropractic pursuing success while serving patients; to a salesperson eager for an opportunity to control your income, Medulla has fulfilling and exciting career offerings. Visit our careers page to learn more and find current openings.