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Customer Engagement Representative (CER)

A CER works in the field providing wellness education to the public at retail stores, corporate health fairs, and community events. In addition to paid training, team members in a marketing representative position earn a competitive base salary and a significant opportunity for bonus compensation based upon securing new patients for chiropractic care at a Chiro One Wellness Center clinic.

Our vision, “that all human beings discover their full potential,” is all about you. If you’re a self-motivated winner, an entrepreneur-in-training and a fierce competitor yet humble servant; then this may be the venture you’ve been looking for. Medulla offers a career path, for the right person, that’s not just a stepping stone but a catapult into stratospheric accomplishment.

Success breeds success. From wildly prosperous business owners to published authors, to self-made multi-millionaires to transcendent non-profit organizational founders and industry change agents; all of these extraordinary people have one thing in common—their stories started here, with us, as a Customer Engagement Representative (CER). For those up to the challenge of literally changing the world for the better through your mind, body and soul, then look no further. You belong with Medulla.

Some of the extraordinary life training available within our company includes the following:

Taking Responsibility

Results Rather than Reasons

As a CER, you’ll study the art and science of sales by sharing new possibilities in a way that leaves others touched, moved and inspired. In so doing, you’ll learn how to produce results rather than reasons—you’ll find this skill to be invaluable throughout the course of your life.

Leadership, Growth and Development

Excel with Both Support and Challenge

Iron sharpens iron—as a marketing representative you’ll be provided world-class training, continuing education, a support group of driven, like-minded individuals and the challenge excellence demands. The transferable skills you learn here are the roadmap for success that’s necessary for extraordinary achievement in every avenue of life.

Flexible Schedule

The Freedom of Disciplined Accountability

For some, the consistency of a 9 to 5 deskbound job is perfect. For others, it’s a prison. If you love engaging with people, yearn for variety in work hours and locations and appreciate the freedom of disciplined accountability, then this just may be your cup of tea.

Financially Rewarding

Personal, Professional and Financial Fulfillment

Those who learn and apply time-honored principles of success understand that financial reward always follows personal and professional responsibility. Our top customer engagement representatives make six figures plus. With an escalating base salary and lucrative performance-based compensation, you control your own income and destiny in our marketing representative positions.

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