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Wellness Programs

As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of our surrounding communities, we take pride in providing robust, multi-faceted wellness programs. Let us develop or enrich your community, workforce and customer-based offerings through our free programs, while you reap the benefits.

Some of Medulla's Wellness Programs include support from our largest brand, Chiro One Wellness Centers. At a glance, here are some of our most popular offerings:

Wellness Workshops

Through our Chiro One-led educational workshops, our Wellness Workshops coach and encourage participants to achieve their full health potential. You'll be able to deliver wellness to your workforce through our most popular health and wellness topics.

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Spinal Health Screenings

Organized by Medulla, our Chiro One-supported Spinal Health Screenings are a critical component to educating participants about the effects of subluxation and demonstrating how chiropractic care may improve overall health.

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Health Fairs

Medulla's highly experienced teams develop, coordinate and execute successful Health Fairs for organizations of any size. Share wellness with your workforce and community through a variety of wellness vendors.

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Employee and Customer Appreciation Days

Select from our best Medulla Wellness Programs offerings to create an Employee or Customer Appreciation Day your audience will love. We can bring in other wellness partners to make sure your Appreciation Day addresses health and wellness needs that matter to your organization or customer base.

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